Monday, 11 November 2013

My Four Basic Goals

This is me at the entrance ceremony to Tokyo
University of Foreign Studies last year. It marked the
completion of my goal to study in Japan.
Up until I came to Japan, my goal was generally something like "Find a way to study in Japan." Now that that has been done, I've been goal-less for the past year or so (apart from the goal 'get good grades', which may be hardwired into my DNA, so it doesn't count).

But then, I read this post from CollegeInfoGeek called How To Learn More Outside Of Class Than You Ever Could Inside It. One of the things mentioned in the post was the Pick Four Method, which I thought was a really good idea. So, I've made a few Huge Goals. They are:

  • Make sure university isn't a waste of time
  • Read and Write
  • Do something random and learn something new
  • Help Out
  • Travel
  • Discover what I want in my dream job
But since these are very huge, very random goals, I've also made smaller goals. Using the Pick Four method, here are my four smaller goals:
  • Do not neglect school for NaNoWriMo
  • Win NaNoWriMo 2013
  • Improve all my blogs
  • Help Amberbrook with their social media plan
If you have me on Google+, you'd have noticed that before, I had this random goal to learn to knit a Kitty Hat. It's off the list because I've accomplished it!

I actually have this pretty insane goal of graduating with a GPA above 3.5. It's insane because all my lessons are done in Japanese, which is not one of my native languages. For November though, I'm just focusing on making sure my homework gets done and tests are prepared for. 

As for NaNoWriMo, I won it last year and I'd like to win it again. You can follow my progress over here

The 'improve all my blogs' goal is actually inspired by this site. Because I cannot afford to buy a domain name and host, I decided to go with Blogger, something that I thought I was familiar with and that I love (for the Google+ integration). But as I researched how to make a static homepage, I learnt that there's a lot that I don't know. This is probably going to lead to another goal which is:
  • Learn basic coding
I don't expect to be an expert, but I would at least like to be able to read the html of my blog and customise it. To that end, I've signed up with Codecademy. 

Last, but definitely not least, Amberbrook is the Non-Profit Organisation that my friends have set up. It's here to shake up the volunteer scene in Singapore and cultivate leadership skills in young people. Since I'm in Japan, the help I can offer is limited, but as a social media addict, I'm currently helping out with making a social media plan.

For now, these are my goals. They're not set in stone, so as time goes by, I'd be adjusting my main goals, finishing a goal and setting new smaller goals. Every time I reach a new milestone, I'll be recording it here, so that as time goes by, this will become an archive documenting how I've learnt and grown.