Monday, 23 December 2013

My Bloomberg Aptitude Test (BAT) Experience

A few weeks back, I took the Bloomberg Aptitude Test (BAT), and then waited for the results. After a fairly long wait, my results are back: My official score is 600 (out of 800), which makes me in the 94th percentile. I'm actually really happy with the result, since I didn't study for the test - I just went on what two years of IB (with a one year break in between) taught me.

The Test-Taking Experience
I took the test in my apartment. Since this test is administered by a proctor, it's really impossible to cheat. I was asked to show the working paper I was going to use, had to hand over remote control of my computer and even get the camera to go around the room once to make sure I was alone.

The proctor is there to make sure you don't cheat and to help. In one question, I had data, but I didn't know what the question was asking. I did raise it with the proctor, although I had to repeat it twice before she understood I wasn't asking for help - I was asking where the question was. Overall though, I was quite happy with the experience. If you're nervous, it's possible to delay the test (I was given the option when I mentioned I was nervous).

The BAT has 100 questions which have to be answered in two hours. Two hours may sound like a long time, but it's not. I did about half the test, and then realised that at my current rate, I wouldn't finished in time. So I kind of rushed through half the test.

My Thoughts
I took this test mainly because I wanted to apply for the Bloomberg Campus Ambassador.

Personally, I think this test would be fantastic for Japanese university students in their third/fourth year of study. I've asked my friends, and most of them are interested in taking the test - the only thing holding them back is their fear that the English would be too much. After taking the test, I agree; there are some questions that use the terminology that a TOEFL test won't teach you. I think the best thing would be if there was a short course on Business English, with the BAT at the end of it.

How to take the BAT
You can find information and register for the BAT here. In fact, you can find sample questions here (the link leads to the pdf, but the pdf is provided by the Bloomberg Institute).

Click the green part that says "Register for the BAT"

Pick a date where you have more than two hours to spare (and will be undisturbed). On the day itself, make sure you're using a computer with a webcam so that the proctor can see you.

The BAT is free to take, and you can take it once every calender month. For more information, you can see the Student FAQ at this link.