Saturday, 24 May 2014

My First BAT Session Proctoring Experience

As a Bloomberg Campus Ambassador, one of my duties would be to proctor (i.e. invigilate) BAT sessions that occur on campus. Today would be my first session, and the first time Kyushu University had a BAT on campus!

I think I should start with the bad news. The bad news is that out of the 7 people who registered, only 3 showed up. The worse news was that none of the 3 brought a computer with them.

But, we managed to make do. I lent one of them my computer, another got my iPad, and the third got the computer in the room. I used my handphone to register the participants and close the session.

Apart from that, the test went rather smoothly. Because there were only three students, I could seat them far away from each other, and there was a certain point at which I stood where I could see all three screens. And since I didn't have anything but my handphone, I just spent the two hours walking around the room and making sure no one had the chance to cheat.

Although not this point. 
This definitely wasn't a perfect first session. But, it finished without too many mishaps, and I got some valuable feedback - I'll be doing my best to make sure there are a few spare laptops for the next session next month.