Tuesday, 29 December 2015

Writing Goals/Resolutions for 2016

It's almost a new year, so it's time to make some resolutions/set a few goals! I should probably be making personal/school related goals as well, but right now, the only goals and resolutions I've managed to set are related to writing and publishing.

My resolutions are the same as last year:

1. Write and/or Edit everyday. Currently at day 344 (today is day 344) of the streak. I'm the sort that, when on a streak, will do anything to keep the streak. Conversely, when I break the streak, I go on a long, long hiatus. So here's to hoping this writing streak stays.

2. Give feedback every day. Currently at day 260. The number for this is smaller (and will always be smaller), because there are days where I can only feedback or write, and I'll choose to write.

Writing Goals for 2016:

1. Publish Beauty's Daughter, which is the sequel to The Nutcracker King (if possible, I want to finish the second draft/main rewrite by this year!)

2. Finish the first draft (at least) of The Goblin Apple, which will be the sequel (of sorts) to Beauty's Daughter and The Nutcracker King aka third book in series.

3. Publish one of the short story collections at 0.99 (cause these are SHORT). I have a collection of satirical stories (on Japanophiles like me) and one of Biblical parable retellings. I have to choose one, get a cover for it, and get it copy edited. Any preferences as to which?

Stretch goals (in case I'm suddenly super productive and get the work done early):

4. Finish Mi & You, this WIP that's been a WIP for the last few years. Maybe I'll post chapter 1 here one day to give myself pressure lol.

5. Decide what I want to do with Free of Heart (this year's NaNo). If I decide to publish, I want to finish the second draft by the end of 2016 as well.

I actually have a lot more WIPs (and plot bunnies nibbling at my brain), but I want to focus on these first! With any luck, announcements about goal 1 will be made before June this year, and goal 3 sometime before or after that.

What are you goals and/or resolutions?