Saturday, 16 January 2016

OnlineBookClub - Entering Their Publishing Contest

Hey everyone! Have I wished you all a happy new year? No?

Well, happy (belated) New Year!

Anyway, the start of the New Year has been really, really busy for me. I've been busy mainly with school, but I've also been doing a few writing-related things on the side. One of them being this - the OnlineBookClub 2016 publishing contest.

Basically, this contest is based on votes, and the winner (the one with the most votes)
"wins a publishing deal from worth thousands of dollars!  
 The winner will also get an advance. will cover all the costs of publishing including editing and digital services. Additionally, will invest thousands of dollars worth of advertising into the published book."
The first place entry currently has over a hundred votes (compared to my 8), but there's still about three more months.  I basically want to win for the editing, and the hope having one book with marketing money behind it will help all the other books (this does mean I have to publish more too - update: I've finished the second draft of Beauty's Daughter, the sequel to The Nutcracker King. I'm just polishing up the details and such now).

Anyway, I decided to enter my NaNoWriMo 2015 project - Hear-Less (back then, I called it Free of Heart). If you want to read the entire raw first draft, you can find it here, on WriteOn, and I'll be taking it out of 'shy mode' for the whole competition so that you can check it out.

My pitch, since the one in the photo is tiny, is:

Heartless, foreign Ada is finally getting used to life in Sakoku. Too bad the wizard Pendragon has other plans. But no matter what he throws at her - magic lessons, council membership, she can handle it.  
Her only goal: Keep the truth a secret.

If you have a membership to the OnlineBookClub and are willing to vote for me, or if you're just willing to create a membership and vote for me, you can find the link to my entry here (haha, just bolding and making all the links extra large. If it's annoying, let me know and I'll stop).

That's all for now, I guess. If something exceptionally exciting happens, I'll update everyone again, but until then~

P.s. If you are entering that contest, do let me know :D I'll help vote!