Monday, 8 February 2016

January Update - How the Writing's Going

I'm sure everyone is sick of seeing this,
so the next time I post, I'll create a new image!
Happy Chinese New Year everyone! (Yup, I get two new years in one year, without the extra age). Anyway, the new year reminded me that I haven't updated this blog in a long long time, and that at the very least, I should be aiming for a monthly update on how the writing's going (if nothing else).

Since I had an exam today (and will have an exam tomorrow), I shall take the straightforward route of directly comparing how I'm doing with my goals. Original goals will be quoted and italicised, and my own self-evaluated progress in regular text.

By the way, if anyone is wondering, I'm totally keeping up with my resolutions :D

Writing Goals for 2016:

1. Publish Beauty's Daughter, which is the sequel to The Nutcracker King (if possible, I want to finish the second draft/main rewrite by this year!)
Ok, I've been neglecting it due to exams, but I'm hoping to finish most of the editing by the end of this month. After that, it's just fine-tuning and getting the cover. If I try for some free pre-publication review, though, I'll have to delay it by four months. Still a bit torn over whether I should do that.

2. Finish the first draft (at least) of The Goblin Apple, which will be the sequel (of sorts) to Beauty's Daughter and The Nutcracker King aka third book in series.
This is possibly the goal that's going to be achieved first. I'm about half done, thanks to exam season, which has made me completely avoid editing in favour of writing new words.

3. Publish one of the short story collections at 0.99 (cause these are SHORT). I have a collection of satirical stories (on Japanophiles like me) and one of Biblical parable retellings. I have to choose one, get a cover for it, and get it copy edited. Any preferences as to which?
On the bright side, I chose a collection (the Japanese satire ones). On the other hand... they need to be rewritten. Looks like if this comes out, it'll come out in the middle of the year-ish, rather than spring holidays, like I planned.

Stretch goals

Looking at how the main goals are going, I don't think I even need to report on the stretch goals. But let's just say that it's not going. At all.

That's my update for January. I'll pop by in early March to give February's update - unless I have more news, in which case, a new post will appear!