Wednesday, 1 February 2017

Goals Update: January

January is over and it feels like it went by in a flash. It's also the 5th day of the Chinese New Year, so the whole "this is 2017" thing is really setting in for me.

Writing-wise, I wrote about 10,000 words this month. I didn't really want to do any rewriting, so I started on a new story but it's pretty slow going. And as for my goals:

2017 Goals
1. Create and publish paperback versions of The Nutcracker King and Beauty's Daughter
DONE. Feels good to end the month with one goal done - it feels like we're off to a good start. And it was amazing to hold a paperback copy of each book in my hands!

2. Publish The Goblin Apple
Still in the works, because both of my cover designers are pretty busy, so I won't be getting a cover for a few months.
3. Revise Red and write the next book (TBD)
I haven't started on Red, but I did decide what I want my next book to be. It's going to be titled Light of the Autumn Moon and it's about a few of the characters that appeared in Red.
4. Sell 100 books
No progress on this front, sadly. I sold 0 books this month.

Plans for February

Apart from writing, I'm planning to host a giveway in addition to taking part in a group giveway! So there will be lots of awesome things to be won - keep an eye out for a post with more details!

On a personal note, I'm preparing to move this month, and then I'll enter the "preparing to start work" phase. Hopefully I still find time to write.