Hey there!

I'm Eustacia and this is my personal site. I'm an insatiably curious person and I have an interest in almost everything. Right now, I'm a third year student at Kyushu University (with the Monbukagakusho Scholarship) and I'm looking to make my student life more enriching. This site is really just a place for me to keep my blogs and other going-ons under one virtual roof.

Recently, I self-published my first book, so most of the posts here would be about that. To read about my book blog, head over to the "My Other Blogs" section, and click on "Inside the mind of a Bibliophile". For posts on my life in Japan, click on "With Love from Japan, Eustacia". And for my random, everyday stuff, there's my Dayre.

Feel free to contact me using the contact form, or by emailing me at eustacia.tan[at]gmail[dot]com.